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A Mexico Mystery: What Happened to the Sharps?

Film/Entertainment, Right Brain

March 31, 2018

Mexico has been getting some bad press lately with its drug problem and corruption in the government.

The last thing it needs is a mysterious death at one of its tourist destinations.

Or four.

Authorities in Mexico are currently investigating

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Did Sister Jean Not Believe in Divine Providence?

Film/Entertainment, Right Brain

March 28, 2018

She is not a mascot, but a chaplain.

But you would have a hard time distinguishing between the two when it comes to the men’s basketball team at little Loyola University of Chicago, for it seems the team rallied around …

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Will This Be The New World War or Cold War?

Film/Entertainment, Right Brain

March 25, 2018

We all know this was coming at some point, right?

But while we thought this war would involve nuclear or atomic weapons, could it be possible that the weapon of choice this time around might actually be trade tariffs, and …

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Iran Continues to Mount Tensions Against the U.S.

Film/Entertainment, Right Brain

March 20, 2018

The Islamic Republic of Iran is well known as being accused by many in the West for sponsoring, financing and promoting of terror activities around the Middle East and in parts of the Western world.

Apparently, Iran is doing more …

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He Was Born In A Small Town… And Performs There, Too

Music, Right Brain

March 17, 2018

He is widely known for being born in a small town.

And Broadway can also be considered a small town within one of the grandest cities in the world. Broadway is a pretty small community, so it can only make …

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This Singer Happens In Vegas, But Doesn’t Always Stay

Music, Right Brain

March 14, 2018

Las Vegas has been a major tourism draw for 50 years both across the nation and globe. It has matured in its performance offerings, with some top-flight musical and entertainment celebrities putting down stakes in Las Vegas for long-term commitments …

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Moving Through Jell-O Pudding: Cliff Huxtable’s Troubles

Film/Entertainment, Right Brain

February 28, 2018

Cliff Huxtable has needed his television wife, Claire, who was an attorney.

He’s trying very hard to not have to eat Jell-O pudding for the rest of his natural life.

Bill Cosby has been a popular comedian and television star …

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If Only #Monet Had A Hashtag …

Right Brain, The Arts

October 31, 2017

It is said that many artists don’t make their money until after they are dead. There are many stories of some of the best musical composers and painters who died broke or completely destitute, and yet their works will auction …

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