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Microsoft and Apple are Neck and Neck in the Race for Technology

Business, Left Brain, Tech

December 5, 2018

Several years ago, Microsoft wasn’t seen as a forerunner in the race for faster, better technology. It fell behind in the profitable future of mobile, search, advertising, and cloud advancements. Today, it is just as lucrative as Apple, and both

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Apple Now Allows Siri to Open Owners’ VWs

Left Brain, Tech

November 12, 2018

Owners of late-model Volkswagen vehicles can now use Siri to open their cars. The update requires a subscription to an integrated app. The feature also requires the most recent Apple software update, iOS 12.

The move stands as part of

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Apple Still Limiting Performance of Old Phones

Business, Left Brain, Tech

November 7, 2018

After revealing in recent years that they have in fact been pointedly limiting the performance of older iPhone models to encourage sales of newer models, it has been reported that Apple plans on continuing with this process with regards to

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Major Tech Companies Lean Toward USB Type-C

Business, Left Brain, Tech

October 25, 2018

Recent releases from tech giants Apple and Google may serve as predecessors to an industry-wide embrace of the USB Type-C.

Apple recently released a new charging cord for the Apple Watch that terminates in a male Type-C plug. Additionally, Google

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Intel Feels the Hurt as Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips

Business, Left Brain

April 8, 2018

Apple Inc. is in works to exclusively use its own chips in Mac products starting as soon as 2020, according to interviews by Reuters. According to Bloomberg supply chain analysis, Intel Corp., the chip supplier for Mac computers, risks five

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