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Slender Man’s Unnerving Box Office Debut

The character of Slender Man started out as a fictional invention within online horror forums, as part of a contest to Photoshop creepy and unnerving images. The initial image featured a black-and-white forest, and in the far background is a strange, tall, blurred figure. This figure quickly became known as Slender Man, and he would go on to be featured in any number of fictional stories and videos online.

Slender Man gained a cult following, and attracted the interest of many young people in particular. There were even several video games based around the character. Then, in 2014 two pre-teen girls from Wisconsin brought a friend to the woods and stabbed her 19 times, supposedly in an attempt to please the fictional Slender Man who, according to some of the stories, requires such sacrifices before allowing someone to join him in his home in the woods.

‘Slender Man’ is now a major motion picture release from Sony Pictures. The film has been almost universally panned by critics and average moviegoers as a cut-rate horror film with a low budget and cheap scares. Another major reason behind the criticism has been the perceived lack of sensitivity regarding the real-life crime that occurred as a result of the Slender Man myth. And while the film is not an adaptation of real-life events, it closely models the news story, featuring children of about the same age.



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