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“Ralph Breaks the Internet” Goes Viral

NPR reports that the sequel to the animated film Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet, leaves the world of 8-bit music and arcade games behind to tackle the world’s biggest phenomenon: the internet. For this film, directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston connect characters Ralph (vocalized by John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (vocalized by Sarah Silverman) to WiFi and send them into the internet to explore a replica of today’s most popular websites and brands.

The film revolves around Ralph and Vanellope seeking a hard-to-find replacement part for the vintage arcade game “Sugar Rush” that Vanellope is the star of. In order to save her home, Ralph and Vanellope are forced to enter cyberspace, to visit eBay, and to overbid for a replacement part for “Sugar Rush.” First, the two characters try to raise money for their cause by stealing a prized car in the racing game “Slaughter Race.” Then they try to create their own viral videos starring Ralph.

Cameos by popular websites and brands are frequent within this film. eBay, Pinterest, and Amazon all make prominent appearances. The fictional BuzzzTube, a combination of BuzzFeed and YouTube, exists, and there is non-stop banter about taking a tour through Disney and its enormous properties. Even characters from the Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel universes make their debut.

Ralph Breaks the Internet has become quintessentially 2018. While it does not offer an escape from the hyper stimulation of today’s internet culture, it does offer a reflection of reality as we know it.

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