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Nintendo Fans Await ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch Announcement

This past summer’s E3 was missing some major players. For one, there was no announcement from Nintendo of a new ‘Animal Crossing’ game for the Switch. Then, just last week, Nintendo released a statement concerning a whole bunch of games coming to the console early next year, including the magnificent ‘Untitled Goose Game.’ But, again, no word on another installment of the ‘Animal Crossing’ series.

‘AC’ has become one of the game giant’s flagship series, offering a low-key gaming atmosphere that rewards grinding and individualistic gameplay.

A mobile version of the game, ‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,’ was released late last year but has been criticized for its emphasis on in-app purchases which are largely needed to progress in the game. Fans of the series worry that the attention focused on this version of the game has slowed the development of a new full console version.

The Nintendo Switch would offer a unique opportunity for the series, given the ‘Animal Crossing’ has in the past jumped the gap between console play and mobile versions made for recent iterations of the Nintendo DS handheld devices.

Given Nintendo’s recent release announcement, it’s likely that fans will have to wait even longer for word on a new ‘AC’ game, maybe even beyond E3 2019.

Guess it’s time to head back to ‘Fortnite’ again.  

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