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Major Tech Companies Lean Toward USB Type-C

Recent releases from tech giants Apple and Google may serve as predecessors to an industry-wide embrace of the USB Type-C.

Apple recently released a new charging cord for the Apple Watch that terminates in a male Type-C plug. Additionally, Google has released a new format of their earbuds, meant to accompany their Pixel 3 smartphone, that also uses a Type-C connector.

Apple has already integrated Type-C ports in their latest line of MacBook Pros, often making them the only port type offered on each laptop.

USB Type-C connections have a number of advantages over past versions, including faster data transfer speeds, as well as the ability to transfer power, making them an optional power point for any given computer. The Type-C also represents an attempt by the tech industry as a whole to create a new standard, thereby making more devices compatible with other devices, even devices from a different brand.  

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