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Dogs No Smarter Than Other Animals, Study Says

A new study has found that canines are not especially intelligent when compared to other wild and domesticated animal species. The study did note, however, that dogs tend to appear more intelligent than cats, for example, because dogs are more willing to be trained, which in turn showcases their cognitive abilities.

Dolphins remain among the most intelligent animals included in the report, thanks in large part to their ability to use tools to solve problems.

Dr. Stephen Lea, of the University of Exeter, spearheaded the study after taking note of the scientific community’s past interest in studying the intelligence of domesticated animals, and in particular dogs.

Other animals included in the study were chimpanzees, horses, cats, pigeons, and wolves.

The bottom-line so far: dogs are capable of many astounding tasks and capable of learning a significant vocabulary, but many other animals are capable of displaying these same abilities.

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