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As Gene Editing Gains Attention, the Industry Will Need More Experts

Human gene editing, the process of altering a specific human’s genetic makeup, is steadily approaching a wide range of practical applications. There have been a handful of cases worldwide where gene editing has been used to repair a disorder, typically hereditary. In many situations, the burgeoning field of gene editing offers the only possibility for recovery from a large number of disorders.

And while recent advances in gene editing technology have sparked renewed interest from patients and medical professionals alike, the potential demand for these procedures would require many more people to become involved in this brand new industry, from actual technicians to Big Data analysts who will eventually be tasked with analyzing the information gathered from these many procedures.

This demand would bring with it huge potential for job growth, both here in the U.S. and abroad, with some estimates predicting growth as high as 13% by 2030.   

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